Meike, Menno & Saphire are Friesian stallions that live together in a bachelor herd in the forests of the Northern California coast. Meike (Feike x Leffert – 2004) & Menno (Feike x Sjaard – 2004) are half-brothers that have been raised together. I have the great privilege of being their caretaker, along with our beloved Saphire (Rintse x Yk – 2005). He is owned by Catherine de Bellou and her husband Chris. He is attending Forest Boyz camp till Mountain View is big enough to hold him. They are the best of friends and good medicine to all that know them. They never fail to entertain.

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“The horse is a very noble creature whose presence alone enriches our lives”

Desmond morris

“Make him your FRIEND, not a SLAVE,

and see what an incredible kindred spirit he can be”

Nuro Oliveira

“Do you give the horse his strength or clothe his neck with THUNDER?...

striking terror with his proud snorting... he paws fiercely, rejoicing in his strength...

in frienzied excitement he SWALLOWS the ground.”

job 39:19-24